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Rev. Dr. K.C. John

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Powervision, the Christian television for the world evangelism!

I am grateful to God almighty for choosing us as a tool to carry the great commission unto the ends of this planet. You can also be a part of this great move of God by partnering with Powervision, through your prayer and participation in its various activities. God has blessed us with a group of committed people who has the real passion and zeal to reach the masses at any cost.

Also we have started social action projects and programs, to support the poor and the underprivileged, to show our compassion towards them and alleviate their pain and sufferings. Program samples are portrayed here there is much more in our basket to quench the spiritual thirst and hunger of the souls. We are also happy to let you know that we are planning to launch a tabloid as the early.

Time is at hand. So let's come together, act together and fulfill the great commission together. Be a partner of Powervision TV.

God Bless You!

Your co-laborer in Christ

Rev. Dr. K.C. John
Chairman / CEO
Power Vision TV


Rev. Dr. R. Abraham

Dear Friends,

I greet you in the Matchless Name of our Soon Coming Lord Jesus Christ!

It is almost 3 years since our Power Vision TV channel was on the air bringing Christian and cultural programmes into the homes of millions within and outside the country.

There was a time when the common man and the critics together felt that the Power Vision TV is nothing but a myth, a mirage and a fairytale. Many felt that a group of men are on an impossible mission of catching the moon. But today, Power Vision TV is not a myth, but it is a reality and a household name in tens of thousands of homes in Kerala and elsewhere.

At the same time, I being not only the Managing Director but also an internal critic of our own programmes, I am aware that some of our programmes have room for improvement in terms of content and quality. However, in these first few years, we are moving up the learning curve every day. We want all our viewers to know that we are constantly striving to make every one of our programmes of the highest quality and appreciated by all.

Our biggest leap has come in the form of our recent negotiations and signing up of the agreement with Videocon for airing our channel on their DTH network. This is going to open up the avenues of expanding our network into every state of India and making it available for millions of more viewers.

I take this opportunity to appreciate all our viewers, our programme providers and our hardworking team. A special thanks to the Board of Directors who are giving their best for the growth of the channel.

May God richly bless you all.

Sincerely Yours,

Rev. Dr. R. Abraham
Managing Director
Power Vision TV


Dr. Mathews Chacko

Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ!

Evangelism through mass media was brought to my attention five years ago by Rev. Dr. K. C. John. We talked and prayed about this. On 5 June 2002 there was an opportunity for me to be at the home of Pastor John along with a few other leading Evangelists of India for a time of prayer and sharing. During this time, the concept of Power Word Ministries was developed. It is a privilege for me to be a part of this.

While we were busy in conducting large Gospel meetings in various parts of our state and country, evangelism through mass media started to take a new shape in the form of Word Telecasting Co. Ltd. Several like-minded friends joined in and the company was registered as a public limited concern. More and more friends joined in to form Value Vision Broadcasting Private Limited and Powervision Charitable Trust. The term “PowervisionTV” was evolved as the name of the channel.

Today the programs of PowervisionTV can be watched in Malayalam, English, Tamil and Hindi in Asia, Canada and USA. This is a blessing to many. The responses from our viewers are very valuable.

I want to thank all the friends who have invested their time and resources in this great ministry. Let us join together and fulfill the Great Commission by reaching the unreached with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Mathews Chacko
Managing Director
Word Telecasting Co. Ltd.

Advisory Board Members



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